Integrated Man – Nov 22, 23, 24 – Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada

“Men’s Circles and Personal Integration Supporting the Sacred Journey Within”

Chris has apprenticed with elders and medicine people from various indigenous nations for over 15yrs. Integrated Man presents Men with an intimate guided experience sharing traditions and practices from both eastern and western cultures…
The workshops and teachings associated with the retreat will provide participants with examples of self healing and disciplined practices that can be taken from the experience and applied at home, integrating them into everyday routine. Integrated Man shows us how we can align with our authentic self, offering empowerment and encouragement towards a healthy and vibrant way of living. We will share everything from basic meditation and yoga, non violent and compassionate communication skills, purification techniques through transformational breathing and cleansing, ways of tuning into our personal calling while learning to embrace our path, methods of opening the heart to give and receive love, while recognizing the gifts of forgiveness and gratitude. Traditional teachings will include; smudging, setting protection and healthy boundaries, energy clearings and attuning our auras, crystal healing, toning and chanting, sound healing, earth speak, animal medicine, dream interpretation, the power of prayer and communing with Spirit.

This retreat is aimed at helping Men to align with their higher, empowered being. To adopt healthy, mindful, conscious practices to maintain a vibrant, balanced lifestyle. It is Chris’ goal to ensure each man leaves the experience feeling he has integrated the medicine necessary to carry on a personal discipline throughout his life.
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