The Teacher Finds The Student When The Student Is Ready

The beginnings of my medicine path unfolded in a very unique way. Initially, the first several teachers who I came to know and learn from were women. In the fall of 1999 I was invited over to Deborah Skye’s home in east Vancouver by a friend who insisted I check out her work. Sobey was convinced I would be amazed by the energy and healing that he had experienced and really wanted to share this with me, so I obliged. Skye (as I call her) was offering healings and clearings which at the time were specifically known as “Energy Healing”, color vibrational attunements. The moment I walked into the house, I knew something profound was going to be experienced as the energy in the space knocked me back a few steps. As I peered around the corner and saw Skye at work, I knew the moment I saw her she would change my life forever, and she did. I waited my turn patiently to experience the magic I was called to witness and once I was up, Skye sat me down and without hesitation suggested a “clearing of acceptance”, reflecting that I had yet to accept myself and the potentials I held. The clearing was deeply moving and profound, all my childhood experiences, visions, experiences and messages of who I am, why I returned in this lifetime and the path I had been called to walk all came back and I was being asked to accept this. From this moment forward I began the dedicated journey I would later refer to as the Red Road.


In the spring of 2000 I was introduced to the work of Jose Arguelles, better known as the Dreamspell. This calendar and integrated whole system provided me with a glimpse of my soul essence by revealing my “galactic signature” or what some would refer to as my Galactic Mayan astrological archetype. I am a Lunar Storm in this particular system, meaning I carry the elements of wind, rain and lightning and as a Storm, I catalyze and move energy. The Lunar aspect refers to stabilizing the yin/yang, male/female, shadow/light dualities. It resonated with me deeply. After diving into the Dreamspell for a few moons, I soon came to the realization that this system was not just based on a calendar of 13 Moons and 28 days, it was a whole system way of viewing our reality and was inclusive of many different world traditions and spiritual beliefs, illustrating the common threads between all of them. Time is Art was the message and it became evident that the calendar and clock humanity was following had been a major cause in our chaotic, unbalanced way of life, severely influencing our deviation from nature, disconnecting us from natural time. A friend suggested, “why don’t we bring Jose up to Vancouver to share these teachings?”, and with my background in promoting special events, my response was, “sure, why not?”. And so it was, in February of 2001, I brought Jose and Lloydine Arguelles to Vancouver, BC to launch the global “Campaign for The New Time” which later lead to me initiating 4 yrs of caravans from Vancouver, down the U.S west coast and throughout Mexico. The intention being, to share the teachings and message of natural time and the 13 Moon calendar while bringing together like minded people within the collective dance communities and those who were spiritually oriented and ready to embrace change.


During these caravans I met many, many beautiful beings who have now become some of my closet friends. Some of these friends and acquaintances are now my teachers. I was introduced to various indigenous elders in the U.S and Mexico through friends and acquaintances I met through the caravan gatherings. The elders I speak of were inspiring to me, really capturing my interest and seeding a special place in my heart. Why, how? By paying close attention to their work, their medicine and the integrity they exuded. One by one as I was introduced over the course of 4 years, I created deeper and more authentic connections with them and then as I was called to, I approached them, humbly requesting I study or apprentice with them to receive and learn their medicine ways.


Its important to note, not once did I pursue these teachers or elders, we were introduced in a neutral way as friends, and friends we were, first and foremost. But as I resonated more and more with their practices and traditions, witnessing the potency and significance of the medicine, I became very intrigued and approached them. The main attractive qualities for me were their authenticity in their being and most importantly their integrity with their work and how they presented themselves in a consistent way. I know within myself that I cannot develop a respect and admiration for someone, especially an elder or teacher if they fail to “walk their talk” and do so with deep integrity. They must be the example and emanate what it is they are sharing or teaching, otherwise its just an act to me and something I cannot accept as truth or medicine. They did walk in integrity and did accept my request to apprentice with them, and so from that point our friendships deepened and our relationships broadened into the student-teacher roles, which is how I eventually came into alignment with the medicine and path I walk and share today.


I did not seek, I was not looking for this medicine or these teachers. I was dedicated. I was listening as Spirit directed me. Each day, from place to place. In various cities, communities, through introductions, ceremony, throughout the journey, they were there, waiting and available, I just needed to accept my inner voice and calling and simply listen, to get out of the way and allow it.

I am grateful for my journey and the medicine I carry, doing so with honor and humbleness. Life is a beautiful thing, full of magic and synchronicities, all we have to do is observe, listen and allow it. Listen to your heart, listen to that inner voice.