Manifest your reality, awaken in the dream!

Welcome and thank you for visiting,

The intention of this site is to share my personal journey and medicine with you. My prayer and hope is that you gain inspiration from what you read here, perhaps it may help you to align with your soul purpose and path.

My 2 biggest lessons along this path were “acceptance and surrender”. To accept myself, the deeply rooted core calling of my soul, including the visions, dreams and experiences presented at an early age, my path and purpose. Once acceptance was clear, I had to learn to trust and surrender, simply get out of the way and allow Great Mystery to guide.

Life is a bounty of magic and unlimited potentiality, as are you. When we make a conscious choice to surrender and allow the universe to speak through us, anything and everything is possible. We are doubly infinite beings being both finite (carbon) and etheric (angelic), experiencing what it is to be both human and omnipresent. Therefore we possess unlimited potentiality, no limits!

If I may offer some humble and helpful advice… listen … listen to your inner voice, that flutter in your heart, the pulse in your gut. You may be quite pleased to realize that all the intuitive abilities, cognitive insight and telepathic communique is available to you when you choose to allow it. You are a supernatural being, are you ready to accept yourself and surrender? chris-c

My medicine and treatments are available to both individuals and groups. You may also choose to participate in one of my retreats, sacred journey’s or transformational events. Perhaps we will connect in ceremony.

Watch for my upcoming weekly updates and articles reflecting the experiences, teachings and events I am being asked to share.

Aho Meg we’ch,